Truth From Youth: Words from Jon Alpert


by Jon Alpert | July 13, 2016

We have only been on the road for two days but already I see a maturation in the five American youth producers and know they will be transformed by this experience and it will enhance their lives forever.

Youth filmmakers from the Truth From Youth project, hosted a screening this past Tuesday at the Nekrasov Library in Moscow, Russia. There was constructive engagement from the audience, the questions were intelligent and I thought the answers were as well. We were careful to limit our subject matter so that no laws would be broken and so that we would remain as welcomed guests in another country. So far the reactions of the participants and the audience have only been positive.

At least three press interviews were conducted and I think that the impact of the discussion and the influence of the program will reach beyond the audience that attended the screening.

I feel that people in the audience were surprised by the honesty of the autobiographical reports of the young American filmmakers. Heavy issues such as homelessness, gun violence and teenage depression were bravely brought to the screen by the filmmakers, which evoked many questions that will raise awareness and broaden discussion.

As I watched the young American and Russian filmmakers excitedly sharing headphones to listen to music together ... finishing each other’s sentences ...and holding hands on stage Tuesday night, I thought we had accomplished a lot in a short period of time.