Veterans Day

DCTV will be closed Friday 11/10 for Veterans Day. Take care and see you Monday!

Cuba and the Cameraman and 15 - A Quinceañera Story hit DOC NYC this November.

Our Fall 2017 season of our DCTV Presents screening and event series is underway!

Indigenous Peoples' Day

DCTV will be closed Monday 10/9 for Indigenous Peoples' Day. Take care and see you Tuesday!

DCTV hits the red carpet with Cuba and the Cameraman.

Registration is now open for another season of our signature filmmaking and media arts workshops!

“I learned to trust others with my vision. By collaborating with others, you learn patience, how to be open to new ideas, and how to be a team player.”

“It felt really good to screen our work. This documentary shed light on issues that deeply affect not only the Chinatown community, but teens around the city.”

“I had a hard time accepting myself, learning to be open and meeting new people, mainly guys, because of my sexuality. Young Men of Color brought me out of my shell and taught me to communicate my feelings and express myself through art.”

“PRO-TV is a place where everyone belongs. It’s your home away from home.”