Meet DCTV's Newest Board Member, James Gandolfini



Of the many honors that I have been unworthy of, I must say that joining the Board of Directors of DCTV ranks at the top.

I have known and worked with Jon Alpert, Keiko, Matt O'Neill and so many of the talented and fearless DCTV family.

The projects we have worked together are some of my proudest moments.

I love the way Jon involves young people, provides support to the community, and the way he does what he believes in with passion and truth.

That said, he does drive me crazy most of the time.

As a member of the DCTV Board, my sincerest hope is that I can contribute in some small way to the continued success of DCTV and possibly pay Jon back for all he has done for (and to) me.

- Jim Gandolfini

Thanks James! We couldn't be more proud to have you join our team.