PRO-TV Ready for the Emmys


Jasmine Barclay and Richard Memminger

by Sade Falebita | March 18, 2016

PRO-TV’s youth film producers boldly picked up their cameras, courageously shared their stories with the nation and are now preparing for the 59th New York Emmy Awards this Saturday, March 19th at 7PM EST!

We are excited to share that Our Cameras, Our Stories, the students’ six-part documentary series, which aired on WNET Channel 13, received a New York Emmy Award nomination. The series consists of more than 20 intimate portraits from the perspective of youth who seek to uncover the layers of social challenges faced by themselves and their peers.

Our students are honored to be recognized for all of their effort and hard work. Jasmine Barclay and Richard Memminger, former PRO-TV students whose self-portraits of struggle and perseverance are featured in the series, will be in attendance at the gala. Jon Alpert (DCTV Co-Founder) and Johnny Ramos (Director of Youth Programs) will also be present to show their support. Congratulations to our PRO-TV filmmakers on their NY Emmy award nomination! We are so proud of you and will be cheering you on all the way!

Watch the 59th NY Emmy Awards live (Sat 3/19, 7PM EST) here!