Alumni Spotlight: Jamal Hodge at Cannes Film Festival


October 26, 2016

This fall, we’re excited to highlight PRO-TV alumnus, Jamal Hodge, who recently returned from attending the 2016 Cannes Film Festival with his film, The Kind Ones. One of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, Cannes is known for supporting exceptional films and innovative filmmakers.

Originally inspired by gentrification in Brooklyn, The Kind Ones is a thriller about a teacher who decides to take action after learning that one of her students has been a victim of abuse.

The first time Jamal picked up a “real camera” was at DCTV. Since then, he has written, directed, produced and edited a number of documentaries and short films, receiving recognition from international film festivals such as the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Urban Visionaries Youth Film Festival.

Jamal explains, “At DCTV, at-risk youth and kids with minimal resources get access to the rest of the world through film. This allows them to dream larger, to think bigger, and to grow in both ability and compassion. When I had little more than a dream and an uncertain future, DCTV put a camera in my hand, taught me real skills, and cemented a love for film in my heart. But the most precious thing DCTV provided me with was perspective. That is priceless.”

Jamal’s next series of projects will feature female leads and highlight issues of gun violence, racism, suicide, and child abuse. We are eager to watch Jamal bring these pervasive and critical issues into the spotlight.

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