Introducing Young Women of Cinema!


October 27, 2016

Donors from all over the world helped us raise over $10,000 to launch our newest youth program, Young Women of Cinema! This six-month program, which began in April 2016, provides a group of eleven young women filmmakers with extensive creative and professional support.

Led by filmmaker and educator, Chinisha Scott, participants meet weekly, generating ideas for their films and discussing their filmmaking process and professional ambitions.

Sonora Yun, a program participant, says that she’s especially grateful for the supportive community the young women have created. She shares, “Even though each of us has her own project, nobody is doing it alone. We’re literally each other’s production team. We’re each other’s teachers.”

Young Women of Cinema asks participants to analyze the media industry and think critically about how women are represented as they create their own original projects. Sonora’s project focuses on food and her relationship with her mother. She shares, “What I realized is this: the media on food that I consume is predominantly from white men. White male elites who run the food industry; white male doctors who write best-selling books on nutrition; white male activists who make documentaries about veganism. Yet I’ve been fed by a Korean woman most of my life. And this Korean woman, my mother, doesn’t consume the same media that I do… There is no media middle ground out there for me and my mother that can help us navigate and fuse our differences. We have to make that media on our own.”

On June 2, 2016, DCTV hosted its first networking event for Young Women of Cinema. The young women met with industry professionals to discuss how to navigate the transition between being a student filmmaker and entering the professional world.

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