A Message from Jon Alpert & Keiko Tsuno


October 27, 2016

Our youth program is the very essence of the work we do at DCTV – using cameras and media to improve people’s lives by giving them opportunities. DCTV’s youth media training program is a way to give NYC youth from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to gain valuable experience and tell their stories.

Among all our activities, we absolutely find working with young artists the most rewarding. We get energy and inspiration from the students. We still have the first program of youth films created by our students in the 1970’s. It serves as a personal reminder of why we continue this work.

Jamal’s acceptance into Cannes is especially meaningful. Jamal came to DCTV when he was around fourteen years old and, seeing the artist he’s become, we are incredibly proud. Whenever it seems that this program cannot possibly achieve more impact, our students always break the records.

Without your support, this program wouldn’t continue to grow and serve young New Yorkers. We are deeply honored and grateful for your belief in our kids.

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