Announcing Winter/Spring 2017 Workshops


December 13th, 2016

Hit the ground running this New Year: registration is now open for DCTV Winter/Spring 2017 Workshops! Designed by and for independent filmmakers, DCTV Workshops continue to be engaging, timely, and affordable.

Along with our revered hands-on classic offerings in production, post-production, producing, and design, take on additional skillsets this January - April.

Progress through web design in HTML/CSS to JavaScript. Bring your project to new heights in After Effects: 3D Motion. Give your eyes a break in Docu Sound Design and Mixing, and be everyone’s best friend on set thanks to On-Set Media Management. Grow beyond limitations in Mobile Filmmaking and take time to cater to yourself as a hard-working artist in Negotiate Your Contract and Freelancer Tax Clinic.

See all of our Winter/Spring 2017 Workshops here:

After Effects • After Effects: Titles and Infographics • New! After Effects: 3D Motion • Audio Fundamentals • Audio Storytelling • Avid • Build Your Reel • Build Your Website • Camera Fundamentals • Camera Movement • DaVinci Resolve • Digital Cinematography • Direct With Non-Actors • Docu Edit • Docu Intensive • New! Docu Sound Design and Mixing • Documentary Grant Writing • Docu Work-In-Progress Lab • Final Cut Pro • New! Freelancer Tax Clinic • Get Your Film Into Festivals • Green Screen • Guerilla Filmmaking • HTML/CSS • New! HTML/CSS to JavaScript • Interviewing Techniques • Lens Selection • Lighting Fundamentals • Lighting Interiors as Day and Night • Max for Video • New! Mobile Filmmaking • New! Negotiate Your Contract • New! On-Set Media Management • Photoshop • Premiere • Pro Tools • Production Week • New! Shooting at Risk • Stop Motion Animation • Unity • Video DSLR •

All workshops have limited enrollment and require pre-registration. Register today!

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