Media Enabled Musketeers’ All For One and One For All


by Rachel Baron | April 13, 2017

Last month, DCTV hosted a rough cut screening of Media Enabled Musketeers, alternatively titled, All For One and One For All. Audience members included representatives from the Eurasia Foundation, a Russian organization that equips citizens to successfully contribute to their communities and funder of DCTV’s Media Enabled Musketeers program.

Media Enabled Musketeers was launched in 2014 as an initiative for American and Russian citizens who have disabilities and for filmmakers who are interested in disability issues to learn, collaborate and make film. The program culminated in a cultural exchange, wherein five selected participants from DCTV traveled to Russia to meet their peers and then reunited again weeks later in New York. The screening was preceded by a Skype session between the audience and previous trip participants from the program, hailing from L.A., Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, and Sergiyev Posad. Former participants shared their experience.

It was this trip that produced the majority of the Media Enabled Musketeers’ footage screened during the event. The film also includes excerpts from Musketeers’ own films such as Jonathan Novick’s Don’t Look Down on Me, a documentary short about Mr. Novick’s life as a little person in New York City. As with Novick’s film, the Musketeers’ feature-length documentary covers the everyday accessibility issues people with disabilities experience.

Benjamin Rosloff, another former participant, remarked of the trip, “Back when I was in Russia, it was pretty nice to see the whole area, meet new people. And it was great to understand people with different disabilities.” Benjamin’s short documentary Can I Call You? centers on his search for a relationship and the question of whether his autism affects how others relate to him.

A feedback session followed the screening. A PRO-TV filmmaker filmed the event on DCTV’s TriCaster. Audience members posed questions to the film’s creators and participants and expressed their hope for its success and for this topic to receive more coverage.

Said Novick, “This could be the starting point of something bigger and I think that’s what a lot of people are feeling right now.”

Watch the Musketeers’ videos in their entirety here!