PRO-TV Screens DEPORTED for NYC Students


by Rachel Baron | May 5th, 2017

This past Thursday, April 26th, PRO-TV, hosted a screening of Deported, a documentary that follows the journeys of four deportees in Haiti, sent from North America due to criminal charges. Winner of Best Documentary Award at the Vues D’Afrique International Film Festival, Deported presents the alienation and stigmatization endured by deportees and ventures beyond the borders of Haiti to address the global issue of deportation policies. The film was presented in part with Dominican's Love Haitians Movement and Third World Newsreel.

Over 80 audience members were in attendance, 60 of whom were high school students, hailing from PRO-TV TV High partner schools, Satellite Academy and Leadership & Public Service High School, as well as St. Raymond School for Boys.

Clarivel Ruiz, DCTV’s former Director of Youth Programs and Founder/Creative Director of Domicans Love Haitians Movement reached out to DCTV to host the screening. Ruiz, who regularly works with students and young artists, remarked on the importance of showing this film to a younger audience. “This conversation about immigration is very much relevant to their community and the fear that is impacting them. A movie that expresses the frustrations from different places is invaluable.”

The screening was followed by a panel discussion between Ruiz, Angy Rivera, Co-Director of the New York State Youth Leadership Council and creator of the award-winning undocumented immigrant advice column, Ask Angy; Carlene Pierre, Immigrant Services Coordinator at the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and Haitian immigrant; and Lindsey Buller, a BIA Accredited Representative from Brooklyn Defenders Services, a public defender organization that represents New Yorkers unable to afford an attorney. Frantz Pierre, a member of Fon Farrah, a Haitian support group for deportees, also joined the panel via Skype. Frantz shared his difficulties dealing with deportation and the major challenges deportees, who often arrive in foreign territory with just the clothes on their back, will face.

The discussion was followed by an audience Q&A. Panelists fielded questions about the current and previous U.S. administration's immigration policy and their own experience with immigration law.

The film will be screened again at the Fourth Annual Raven Film and Media Festival at the Raymond High School for Boys in the Bronx on Wednesday, May 24th at 3:30pm. Ms. Ruiz will also be posting in a panel discussion on Sunday, May 7th from 11am-7pm for Lakou Nou: Ancient Future Haitianist.

Said Ruiz, “The film was completed in 2013 and these are things that we are still dealing with. They need to continue being shown until it’s completely eradicated or altered.”