Life on Parole Premieres 7/18


by Rachel Baron | July 12th, 2017

On the heels of the March premiere of DCTV’s and HBO’s collaboration, Rock and a Hard Place, a documentary closeup on a Florida rehabilitation boot camp, DCTV takes on the United States’ correctional system again with Life on Parole, premiering on PBS next Tuesday, July 18th at 10pm EST.

A FRONTLINE production with DCTV in collaboration with The New York Times and Purple States, Life on Parole follows the lives of four former Connecticut prisoners – Jessica, Rob, Vaughn, and Errol – as they navigate a year on parole.

It’s an uphill battle. With recidivism rates at nearly 50 percent, the challenges of parole are staggering. Work, sobriety, and parenting are just a few of the roadblocks that can reroute parolees back to prison. Life on Parole grants unique access into the Connecticut correctional system and its attempt to give parolees a chance to succeed.

The film was produced, directed, and written by DCTV’s own Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Matthew O’Neill, and co-produced by DCTV’s Jeff Arak. Jeff had this to say about the production:

    We take viewers inside the experience of being on parole in a way never been show before. One space we explore is the regular meetings between parolees and the parole officers, who wield an extraordinary amount of discretionary power over their charges. Seeing those meetings and the complex relationships between parolees and their officers develop on screen will be a new experience for our audience.

Life on Parole is a thorough unearthing of the often ineluctable return back to prison and how one state is trying to break the cycle. A collaborative reporting effort, text stories, video pieces and interactives will also be featured in The New York Times.

Watch the premiere on PBS and online Tue 7/18 at 10pm EST. See the trailer below.