Meet Armiel: DCTV's Young Men of Color All-Star


July 25, 2017

Meet Armiel. At the age of 16, Armiel enrolled in PRO-TV’s free summer program and found the experience instantly transformative. Fast forward five years and Armiel has advanced to our Young Men of Color group.

He reflects, “I had a hard time accepting myself, learning to be open and meeting new people, mainly guys, because of my sexuality. Young Men of Color brought me out of my shell and taught me to communicate my feelings and express myself through art.”

Now 21, Armiel is pursuing a B.A. in Communications at Brooklyn College and remains an active PRO-TV participant. In addition to Young Men of Color, he spent this past school year as a paid teaching apprentice for the program.

Out of the many projects he’s done through PRO-TV, Armiel is especially proud of his documentary, Are You An Oreo? The film, which explores the concept of conflicting racial identity, has won several awards. “I like that people actually get what I’m trying to do. PRO-TV always pushes me to be creative and experimental,” says Armiel.

Watch Armiel's film, Are You An Oreo?

Since then, Armiel has branched out with his work. His latest films, Je Suis Noir, and Dyssemia, deal with race, identity, and self-discovery.

Armiel has this to say about the importance of PRO-TV: “In the film industry, there’s not frequently opportunities for young men of color. Creating a platform for young men like me gives us the chance to express ourselves and show our talents.”

Meet Armiel’s Classmates.

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