Equipment Rentals January Deals


January 12th, 2018

Wanna start a new film for the new year? Choose from some of our discounted kits for projects of any size:

The Big Project, Big Monitor
Get 20% off ($425 $340 per day/week!) our FS700 with Odyssey 7Q+ package and be able to monitor, record, and offload your 4K footage at the cheapest prices in the city.

The DSLR for Days
Get 15% off any Deluxe DSLR package. It’s the ideal kit for any situation – whether you’re photographing a friend’s wedding or in pre-production for your next short film, this kit won’t let ya’ down.

And the new Isn’t the Camera On My Smartphone Pretty Good?
This Mobile Smartphone package includes an array of clip-on lenses, tripod, LED light, and a tripod adapter to mount your smartphone. You can make a great film with just your phone, and at $30 per week why wouldn’t you?

Book before January 31st!