All For One: Media Enabled Musketeers


November 28th, 2018

Media Enabled Musketeers
Media Enabled Musketeers

People with disabilities are the largest minority in the United States and in Russia with 57 million Americans and 13 million Russians living with a disability. Most of us will become disabled at some point in our lives. Still, disabled people continue to be underrepresented or stereotyped in media.

Jon Alpert’s All For One: Media Enabled Musketeers follows American and Russian filmmakers with disabilities, as they make original films to tell their stories. The documentary received its worldwide premiere at the Moscow Film Festival, playing multiple showings to packed theaters. Stateside, All For One had its theatrical run at Maysles Cinema, which was also well received.

Over the years, the archive of films covering disabilities has grown. While this is necessary progress, All For One goes one step further: the people who are normally subjects become filmmakers. They tell their own stories from their unique perspectives. It is their films and their accomplishments that All For One celebrates.

We wanted to highlight a few of these extraordinary filmmakers. We start with Ben Rosloff, a young man with autism. Ben and his family successfully fought for him to receive a mainstream education in the United States. Ben went on to graduate from college. His film, Can I Call You?, grapples with the challenge to find love and establish a personal relationship as an autistic person. The entire piece was shot and edited by Ben and has been celebrated around the world. Ben has now obtained full-time employment as an Assistant Editor.

Ben‘s most recent accomplishments have been on the stage. He recently starred in a production at Flea Theater.

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