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December 11th, 2018

When Jasmine and her PRO-TV classmates came together last spring to make a film, they were seeking common ground.

“I come from a town where everyone agrees on liberal ideas,” said Jasmine, now in her second year of PRO-TV. “But everyone in my group had different politics.”

One issue that brought them together: gun violence. Nearly 100 Americans are killed each day with guns and hundreds more are shot and injured. For Jasmine and her peers, whose school days have been marked by active shooter drills, gun violence struck close to home.

Using DCTV’s cameras, mics, and editing suites the young filmmakers explored an issue dividing the nation. Jasmine and her classmates filmed in their neighborhoods and even traveled to DC for the historic March For Our Lives. The result is School House Glock, an impassioned piece that covers everything from the highly publicized Parkland protests to the anxiety felt by local communities.

A high school senior, Jasmine feels inspired to showcase her beliefs through film. Her future plans? Finish her year in PRO-TV with a teen-themed TV show and then continue her film studies in college. “I’m a very passionate person. I want to create work that inspires people.”

Watch Jasmine's collaborative film, School House Glock

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