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December 18th, 2018

As a young boy, Jacob immigrated from China to New York City. The transition was not easy; for years Jacob struggled with bullying and a profound sense of dislocation.

A PRO-TV participant since his freshman year in high school, Jacob was absorbed in filmmaking. So he decided to use film as a means to process and share his experience as a Chinese American.

A Lost Voice uses animation to convey the isolation he felt from his struggle with xenophobia, assimilation, and identity. Said Jason: “This film was hard to make. It was a very vulnerable process to describe my experiences, to describe how I was made fun of but it made the film more real and more relatable.”

Now in his freshman year of college, Jacob continues to study film, even starting a film club on campus. Said Jacob: “Filmmaking is a tool for communication. Video is something people rely on.”

Watch A Lost Voice:

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