Announcing Winter/Spring 2020 Workshops


December 10th, 2019

A mighty wind blows...straight to DCTV! This January – May, we’re stoked to bring you another roster of our treasured Workshops. Catered to independent filmmakers and media artists, DCTV Workshops teach everything from the trusty classics to deep dives and the latest trends in producing, production, and post-production. There’s even new workshops that bring you out of the firehouse and into the city as your classroom, at the Women’s March on NYC, as well as Chinatown’s spectacular Lunar New Year Parade.

It’s never too late to learn a wealth of applicable skills at low cost, in a short amount of time, with all gear provided. Get first pick and register today!

After Effects • After Effects: Titles and Infographics • Art of the Interview • Audio Fundamentals • Audio Storytelling: Podcasts and Soundscapes • New! Audio Storytelling: Women’s March on NYC • Avid • Avid for Premiere Editors • Camera Fundamentals • Camera Movement • DaVinci Resolve: Color Correction • DaVinci Resolve: Editing • Developing Your Story • Digital Cinematography: Camera • Digital Cinematography: Lighting • Docu Edit • New! Docu Edit: Lunar New Year Parade • Docu Intensive • Documentary Budgeting • Documentary Grant Writing • Documentary Theory • Editing Techniques • Final Cut Pro • Freelancer Tax Clinic • Get Your Film Into Festivals • New! Impact Producing • Lighting Fundamentals • Open Edit Hours • Premiere • Pro Tools • Production Week • New! Production Week: Lunar New Year Parade • Stop Motion Animation • Trailer Editing • Video DSLR

All workshops have limited enrollment and require registration in advance.
Register today!

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