Safe Travels to Yu Hasegawa


Rachel Baron | March 26th, 2020

DCTV has been affected by COVID-19 in ways both big and small, but we wanted to take a moment and give thanks to Yu Hasegawa who returned to Japan earlier this week. Yu joined DCTV after winning a producer development initiative from NHK, Japan’s national broadcasting organization. The prize allowed Yu to embed himself within an American news organization to further his professional development. We were thrilled to have him join the DCTV team.

During his 6 months with us, he immersed himself in our varied broadcast initiatives, including Axios on HBO and Life of Crime. He also pitched in with our Youth Media department, collaborating with New York City students and engaging with all facets of media arts training. Hasegawa was also an integral part of Co-Founder Jon Alpert’s Last Game initiative, which uses sports to document and call attention to climate change. During his tenure, Hasegawa traveled to Moscow, Monaco and the Himalayas. This experience was truly transformative.

As with many international visitors, Yu was called back to Japan as the country prepared to close its borders. Once conditions change, Yu fully intends to come back to DCTV. We are thankful for his hard work and strong spirit and wish him only the best.