Documenting Now

A conversation with filmmaker and educator Teodora Altomare.

by Rachel Baron | April 23rd, 2020

Like so many other arts organizations, we have been hard at work adapting our educational programs to serve our community’s changing needs. Coming up this May, we’re excited to bring the second installment of our new popular Online Workshop Documenting in Quarantine, wherein participants share the myriad stories shaped by this moment and create short works of film. Teodora Altomare, currently quarantined in Italy, leads. Read a bit about her experience, and the value of documentation, below.

Quarantined in one of Europe’s hardest hit countries in the global pandemic, Teo reflected on how the country is coping: “Italy is my beloved motherland and what I like the most about it is that people find it so easy to come together. The videos of people singing from their balconies travelled around the world, but I think that it's the solidarity...that is going to echo in our streets when the pandemic ends.”

Teo has already started documentation of her own, a podcast called Quarantine Stories, encouraging participants to share their “night stands,” poems, books, biographies that inspire them. She is also working on a segment called I Stay Supportive. Against the platitudes of mass media are stories of inequality and resilience. “We believe that, by sharing our fragilities, we can become stronger and we can better see the essence of things.”

We are grateful that there are still opportunities to connect with our instructors, no matter how far away. Said Teo: “I am very excited to bring my experience as a media specialist and as an active citizen within the DCTV community. There's really nothing that can stop stories from traveling – they will always find a place to land, be it our heart or our mind.”

Hear more from Teo during Documenting in Quarantine, which starts Thu 5/7. Registration available on a sliding scale. And check out our full list of Online Workshops and Office Hours here.