DCTV Youth Media BLM Playlist


June 18th, 2020

Check out DCTV Youth Media's Black Lives Matter Playlist, culled from amazing films students created throughout the years on identity, prejudice, incarceration, gentrification and expression. We have so much to learn from them.

Above the Magnolia Branches (2019)
Produced by: Jasmine LeCount-McLanahan
A young woman's journey into the rich history of women in her family, explored beyond their skin’s connotation of origin.

Are You An Oreo?
Oreo, a label given in the African-American/Latino community, is defined by Urban Dictionary as "a person who 'acts white' because of the way they dress, talk, or act." This film examines the definition of "code switching" and what it means to be "safe black."

AWOKE (2017)
Produced by: Ashley Laird, Fatoumata Diallo, Isaiah Black, Ivoryona Williams, Jailyn Duong, Junior Jean-Gilles, Justine Hastings, Kevin Louie, Mauricio Piratova, Mikayla Gordon, Nzingha Primus
A narrative film that depicts the divisiveness and the aftermath of the 2016 election through the broken friendship between two college students.

Produced by: Soledad Aguilar-Colon, Kayla Anderson, Richard J. Ramos, Alicia Torres, Lena Williamson-Diaz
Since January 2015, nearly 800 people in the US have been killed by aggressive policing. This film explores the movement that has developed in support of people of color who have been killed in police encounters, as well as the impact of youth and their use of social media in the movement's growth.

PSA: Before It's Gone (2019)
Produced by: Callan Ditmyer, Lawrence Kogan, Jabari Legerton, Kayla Jordan Lew, Christian Lecount McClanahan, Iguodala Joseph Obaraye, Stephanie Jimenez Reyes, Cheyenne Strong, Anna Quentin
A public service announcement about the gentrification of Harlem.

Black in the Day (2019)
Produced by: Alexander Cecil McNab
An elderly, Black subway commuter feels nostalgic for an idealized New York City past, but when a hit on the head magically transports her back in time, she realizes that, for a person of color, the olden days aren't as nice as she had imagined.

Bystander (2019)
Produced by: Dominick Marcelo, Micah Gomez, Evan Rivera, Devon Palmer
When tensions escalate on a subway train, passengers have to decide whether to take action or stand behind the front lines.

Produced by: Armiel Chandler
The first two installments of EXTRE NOIR, a three part trilogy, this experimental series examines racism, cultural appropriation, slang, police brutality and colorism in the African-American community.

Gentrify This (2017)
Produced by: Branden Garcia, Diamond Abreu, Jonah Bravo, Jacob Lam, Jerson Geuevara
Told from the perspective of a business owner, teenager and organization fighting against gentrification, this documentary examines how gentrification affects the communities within New York City from three radically different vantages.

The Haunted House of Gentrification (2017)
Produced by: Aaliyah Gordon, John Huynh, Natalia Minano, Ona Cathcart-Smith, Sage Spielman, Taslima Begum
When Lulu and Daisy settle into a gentrified neighborhood it becomes clear that a mysterious force haunts their apartment. Ultimately, they need to decide if they can live with such a ghost or head back to Virginia.

Je Suis Noir
Produced by: Armiel Chandler
An experimental film examining shades of color in the African American community and the impact of cultural appropriation.

Making Her Mark (2019)
Produced by: Athena Lan, Mateo Nieto-Buie, Maya Menon Freeman
Female activists defy the odds as they challenge community and societal issues through street art in a male-dominated space.

Not Only Skin Deep (2019)
Produced by: Alexander Cecil McNab
The mixed messages a multiracial boy hears about his identity from strangers, parents, classmates, and his high school girlfriend cause him to question his sense of self. With a face that doesn't quite fit into any one racial category, he is forced to find his own voice and decide his own identity.

Ocean's View (2019)
Produced by: Christian Colon, Marianelia Gonzalez, Serina Griffin, Arlet Guallpa, Zilana Lee, Rosemary Colon-Martinez, Joel Pacheo, Kylan Barrajanos-Powe, Mateo Zules
After his prison release for marijuana charges, Ocean struggles to come to terms with a society that now idolizes marijuana.

The Other Side (2019)
Produced by: Branden Garcia
A documentary that shows a young teen's personal and political growth as an individual during his time as a high school student and former Trump supporter. Spanning from the beginning of the Donald Trump campaign in 2015 until the final year of the administration’s first term in 2019.

A Riker's Tale (2016)
Produced by: Richard Hood, Sam Van Der Poel, Rachail Pomerlee
Exposing the stories of those affected when NYC youth spend an extended period of time behind bars on Rikers Island.

Schoolhouse Glock (2018) Tribeca Film Festival: Our City My Stories 2019
Produced by: Donezsah Browne, Jasmine Lecount-McClanahan, Mya Qualls, Alex Tzanis
A documentary that explores how mass shootings have spread to American schools and what young activists are doing to feel safe.

Synonymous Ignorance (2018)
Produced by: Brandon Ciraudo, Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan, Justin Lewis, Iliana Papadopoulos, Malachi Parsons, Nikania Portalatin, Carmen Tan
A day in the life of two girls reveals the harm of internalized prejudices.

PSA: Think About It!

Two Sides of The Same Coin (2019)
Produced by: Aracelie Colón
Multiracial individuals often feel obligated to “choose a side” between their two nationalities, thus having an impact on their overall identity.

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