DCTV Youth Media Teams with Hippo


By Rachel Baron | August 10th, 2020

Over the last several months, DCTV has taken a front seat in using creative syllabi and advanced technology to keep our youth media arts training program effective and supportive while we cannot gather in person. Through these initiatives, students have produced emotional and impactful documentation of their lives and those of their families.

To further this goal of responsive instruction during the pandemic, DCTV teamed with Hippo™, a global team of healthcare professionals who serve patients and those who care for them by spearheading virtual care for providers and educators. Through this partnership, we will explore the use of cutting-edge technology in distance-learning filmmaking.

We are now at work combating the challenges of virtual instruction by using the Hippo™ eyeglass camera, which allows for simultaneous communication between students filming in the field and their DCTV support staff. It’s an inventive twist—the glasses are commonly used for remote surgeries by medical professionals—and one that will allow instructors to be placed in student spaces, virtually. This method dramatically quickens a painstaking process that can take weeks to execute.

The transformative donation came by way of Board Member General Elder Granger, who introduced us to leaders at Hippo™. In an effort to help us reach students across the City, Hippo™ generously provided us with equipment and training. We are so grateful for their leadership and engagement.

Stay tuned for updates on the Hippo™ initiative this fall, as we welcome a new cohort of students to learn the art of filmmaking and create original films about their lives in real-time.