Here for New York


November 23rd, 2020

To all in our community—

DCTV has always relied on our beloved New York City. We cherish the cultures, neighborhoods, and enterprising people that are just a walk or subway ride away from our home.

This year, we witnessed our neighborhood of Chinatown, once thrumming with activity, fall silent. We saw our building vacant for the first time. Although we’ve been fortunate to keep our staff and instructors employed, our services have taken a hit in much-needed funding.

But we’re not stopping. We are committed to building community resiliency through filmmaking. Count on us to provide exceptional training, resources and mentorship to teens through our free youth media program; curate timely, breakthrough film screenings and panel discussions; and host new seasons of virtual filmmaking workshops that respond to our current moment.

Your donation to DCTV supports the vital components of democratic filmmaking: opportunity, access, collaboration, and viewership. We hope you’ll join us.


Thank you for your generosity and continued engagement. We can’t do this without you.