Meet the Filmmakers Behind COVID DIARIES NYC


Rachel Baron | February 26th, 2021

The premiere of Covid Diaries NYC is just weeks away and with it, a series of press breaks from WNYC to The Guardian. We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect and celebrate the young filmmakers who have been creating moving, personal films long before the pandemic.

Covid Diaries NYC features Aracelie Colón, Marcial Pilataxi, Camille Dianand, Arlet Guallpa and Rosemary Colon-Martinez. Each is a student or graduate of DCTV Youth Media, our flagship media arts education program. Check out their early films, which span genres and address key themes in coming of age; navigating identity, race, and religion in a rapidly changing world.

Produced by Aracelie Colón

Mixed Raced individuals often feel obligated to “choose a side” between their two nationalities, thus having an impact on their overall identity. The purpose of this documentary is to show people like me that we do not have to pick a side. We should feel comfortable in our own skin.

Produced by Marcial Pilataxi

A self portrait that shows a boy who is approaching adulthood contemplates the decision of whether it is time to let go of the friends who shaped him.

Produced by Camille Dianand

A self-portrait about a girl who takes on the challenge of understanding the difference between church and God, religion and spirituality.

Produced by Christian Colon, Marianelia Gonzalez, Serina Griffin, Arlet Guallpa, Zilana Lee, Rosemary Colon-Martinez, Joel Pacheo, Kylan Barrajanos-Powe, Mateo Zules

After his prison release for marijuana charges, Ocean struggles to come to terms with a society that now idolizes marijuana.

Don’t miss the premiere of Covid Diaries NYC, available to stream on HBO Max next Tuesday, March 9 at 9pm ET.