Dara Messinger

 Dara Messinger
Director of Programming + Engagement
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A native New Yorker, Dara Messinger is a filmmaker and programmer with 15+ years of experience in the documentary community. She is the Director of Programming + Engagement at DCTV in Chinatown, NYC, where she oversees the honored organization’s public programs and serves as the programmer for its nonfiction screening and event series, DCTV Presents. In addition to her full time job, Dara has been a member of Meerkat Media Collective since 2008, helping to develop the self-governed body into what it is today, collaborating on several projects in various roles including Brasslands (2013, The Orchard), and most recently, their timely Newsreels from the Resistance. She is currently producing the feature documentary Messiahsez, and directing a personal feature documentary about her family.