Press Release: "Katrina Sisters" Set to Air on Channel 25 NYC life | DCTV

Press Release: "Katrina Sisters" Set to Air on Channel 25 NYC life | DCTV

By Shannon Sonenstein

Katrina Sisters follows the inspiring story of four teens who pick up cameras, and discover the strength of community and the power of their own voices.

Airs 9/7, 9/10, and 9/14 exclusively on Channel 25 NYC life

This heartwarming documentary, airing on the heels of Hurricane Irene and the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, is the story of four girls (two from New York and two from New Orleans) working together interview Katrina survivors, through that experience, exploring resilience, community, and the power of the individual to make a difference after a natural disaster. Over the course of their project, the girls learn the power ­– to understand, to be heard, and to heal ­– of expression through art.

Katrina Sisters, a DCTV Production, airs Wednesday, 9/7 (8:30PM), Saturday, 9/10 (3PM), and Wednesday, 9/14 (10:30PM) on Channel 25 NYC life.

Disillusioned by the mainstream press coverage of Hurricane Katrina and armed with cameras of their own, four teenage girls – Suprena & Sade from NYC and Briceshanay & Rodneka from NOLA – come together against the backdrop of post-Katrina New Orleans with the hopes of making media that will tell the “real” story.

DCTV’s documentary team follows the girls on their journey, documenting their experiences both in front of the camera and behind it, as the girls interview New Orleans residents, officials, and investigate the city’s devastation.

“I’m living in this same country. I’m living in this same world and it hurts me too.”

Sade experienced Hurricane Katrina through her television in Brooklyn and is light-hearted about the project at the start of the trip. As the girls begin to conduct interviews, and Sade experiences post-Katrina New Orleans firsthand, the project changes from an assignment into something much more personal.

“After seeing some of the things I saw I wanted to get answers.”

Suprena arrives in New Orleans and hits the ground running, determined to understand what residents went through during and after the storm. After exploring the Lower 9th Ward and seeing the destruction still present one year after the hurricane, she turns to city hall for answers. As the journey progresses, Suprena comes to realize she can be a powerful agent for change.

“No child left behind? What about no city left behind? What about no race better than the other?”

Briceshanay is angry. Hurricane Katrina turned her world upside down. Briceshanay seizes the opportunity to pick up a camera as a way to deal with her feelings of resentment.

“I feel like I lost a whole year of my life, you know... It’s gone.”

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Rodneka’s childhood home. In the year between the disaster and the start of filming, Rodneka felt unable to confront her feelings about Katrina, but is determined not to let Katrina take away her voice.

As filming progresses, the girls discover the importance of asking questions, explore issues of race and class, and see their personal views emerge from the experience: that people can heal, that community can survive the storm, and that, no matter how small we may feel, each of us can make a difference.

Katrina Sisters was directed by Shannon Sonenstein; produced by Jerald L. White, April Merl, and Shannon Sonenstein; edited by April Merl; executive produced by Jon Alpert, Matthew O’Neill, and Keiko Tsuno.

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Shannon Sonenstein at DCTV,, 646-484-4647

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