'Redemption' | Good Day New York

'Redemption' |  Good Day New York

Hosted By Greg Kelly | February 7, 2013

Jon Alpert and Matt O'Neill, directors of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Redemption," and Susan, one of the subjects, talk about the film.

In New York City canning is a growing profession. In the bustling center of global finance, more and more men and women survive redeeming bottles and cans they collect from curbs, garbage cans and apartment complexes. They're everywhere in the city but most New Yorkers notice them in glimpses, combing through the trash. In this film, we learn who they are meet their families and understand just what it takes to make it in this other Manhattan. Redemption is an unexpected and intimate look at New York City's post-industrial gleaners, struggling at the edge of society.

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