Access Democracy: Smackdown Your Vote!

Access Democracy: Smackdown Your Vote!
Access Democracy: Smackdown Your Vote!
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In the fall of 2000, Access Democracy helped to register 150,000 new voters in a little more than two months.

This astonishing success in increasing voter turnout was followed by a collaboration between the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and more than 25 youth groups and community organizations. Together they produced the first-ever Digital Youth Town Meeting, the Access Democracy Youth Forum, which employed video conferencing and internet access to bring together young voters throughout New York City's five boroughs to speak with NYC mayoral candidate Mark Green and a representative of Mayor-elect Michael Bloomberg about the issues young voters faced in the November 6, 2002 election. The forum created by Access Democracy facilitated youth participation in politics, providing an excellent example of how to re-engage and empower youth by giving them opportunities to participate in the public dialogue about civic affairs.

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Uri Gal-Ed
Matthew O'Neill
Eric Levine
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Gary Davis
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