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For over 35 years, DCTV has produced provocative, award winning documentary programs. Ranging from the first American broadcasts out of post-war Vietnam, to rebel trenches in Nicaragua; the smoking garbage heaps of Manila, to the tragic aftermath of 911, the DCTV catalogue spans the globe, and a broad range of topics.

With over 100 different programs to draw from, The DCTV archive is an affordable resource for filmmakers looking for unique, professional footage to complete their films.

Title Topic Yearsort icon
New Documentary Test Human Interest
Cuba, the People: Part I International 1974
Chinatown: Immigrants in America Immigration 1976
Healthcare: Your Money or Your Life Social Issue 1977
Vietnam: Picking Up the Pieces International 1978
Third Avenue: Only the Strong Survive Human Interest 1980
Invisible Citizens: Japanese Americans Immigration 1983
Vietnam: Talking to the People International 1985
The Philippines: Life, Death & Revolution International 1986
Junkie Junior Drug Addiction 1986
Hunger in the Suburbs Social Issue 1987
Hard Metals Disease Social Issue 1987
One Year in a Life of Crime Crime 1989
Vietnam: 1990 International 1990
No Place to Hide: Inside Iraq, 1991 War 1991
Rape: Cries from the Heartland Crime 1991
The Story of Vinh Immigration 1991
Chiapas: The Fight for Land and Liberty International 1994
Snakeheads Immigration 1994
High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell Drug Addiction 1995
Lock-Up: The Prisoners of Rikers Island Crime 1995
Life of Crime 2 Crime 1997
Canal Street: First Stop in America Immigration 1998
A Cinderella Season: The Lady Vols Fight Back Sports 1998
R.I.P.: Teens Coping with Death Youth Media 1999
Campaign Confidential Political Action 2001
Access Democracy: Smackdown Your Vote! Political Action 2001
To Have and Have Not: The Changing Faces of China International 2002
State of Mind: Living in the Projects Youth Media 2002
Papa Human Interest 2002
Speak Up New York! Political Action 2002
Afghanistan: From Ground Zero to Ground Zero War 2002
Strictly Family: Changing the Definition Youth Media 2003
Jai-Yen: Cool Heart Youth Media 2003
Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story Crime Gangs 2003
Main Street USA Political Action 2003
Coca and the Congressman International 2003
Helena: Helen's Journey Through Mexico Youth Media 2003
Bridge to Baghdad I War 2003
Bridge to Baghdad II War 2003
Bullets in the Hood: A Bed-Stuy Story Gun Violence 2004
One Night Sit Disability 2004
Dope Sick Love Drug Addiction 2004
The Last Cowboy Human Interest 2005
Off to War: The Box Set War 2005
Siberian Adoption Story International 2005
Venezuela: Revolution in Progress International 2005
India Journal International 2006
Pro-TV Media Fellowship Class of 2006 (Compilation) Youth Media 2006
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2006 (Compilation) Youth Media 2006
Taking the Hill Political Action 2006
The Russians Are Coming International 2007
Pro-TV Media Fellowship Class of 2007 (Compilation) Youth Media 2007
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2007 (Compilation) Youth Media 2007
The Bridge: Egyptian-American Exchange International 2007
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2008 (Compilation) Youth Media 2008
A Woman Among Boys: A Brooklyn Basketball Story Sports 2008
China's Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province International 2009
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2009 (Compilation) Youth Media 2009
Katrina Sisters Human Interest 2011