India Journal

India Journal
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In March 2005 a group of girls from the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles traveled to Northern India to learn about the problems girls in India experience trying to receive an education. The issue of girl's education is particularly urgent, as educated women are vital for the region's economic growth. Additionally, as women are responsible for maintaining the health and education of their families, it is key that they operate from a position of knowledge.

Despite the necessity of girls receiving an education, something that is recognized by most local residents, there are many obstacles to their doing so, including: a heavy household and agricultural workload, poor electricity, malnutrition, inadequate healthcare and gender bias.

In India Journal, the American girls have a life-changing experience as they learn about the difficulties girls their age face on the other side of the world.

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Donna Capella
Keiko Tsuno
Tracy Izatt