Institutional License Catalog

Title Topic Year
A Cinderella Season: The Lady Vols Fight Back [*Institutional License] Sports 1998
A Woman Among Boys: A Brooklyn Basketball Story [*Institutional License] Sports 2008
Access Democracy: Smackdown Your Vote! [*Institutional License] Political Action 2001
Afghanistan: From Ground Zero to Ground Zero [*Institutional License] War 2002
Bridge to Baghdad I [*Institutional License] War 2003
Bridge to Baghdad II [*Institutional License] War 2003
Bullets in the Hood: A Bed-Stuy Story [*Institutional License] Gun Violence 2004
Campaign Confidential [*Institutional License] Political Action 2001
Canal Street: First Stop in America [*Institutional License] Immigration 1998
Chiapas: The Fight for Land and Liberty [*Institutional License] International 1994
China's Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province [*Institutional License] International 2009
Chinatown: Immigrants in America [*Institutional License] Immigration 1976
Coca and the Congressman [*Institutional License] International 2003
Cuba, the People: Part I [*Institutional License] International 1974
Dope Sick Love [*Institutional License] Drug Addiction 2004
Hard Metals Disease [*Institutional License] Social Issue 1987
Healthcare: Your Money or Your Life [* Institutional License] Social Issue 1977
Helena: Helen's Journey Through Mexico [* Institutional License] Youth Media 2003
High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell [* Institutional License] Drug Addiction 1995
Hunger in the Suburbs [* Institutional License] Social Issue 1987
India Journal [* Institutional License] International 2006
Invisible Citizens: Japanese Americans [* Institutional License] Immigration 1983
Jai-Yen: Cool Heart [*Institutional License] Youth Media 2003
Junkie Junior [*Institutional License] Drug Addiction 1986
Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story [*Institutional License] Crime Gangs 2003
Life of Crime 2 [*Institutional License] Crime 1997
Lock-Up: The Prisoners of Rikers Island [*Institutional License] Crime 1995
Main Street USA [*Institutional License] Political Action 2003
No Place to Hide: Inside Iraq, 1991 [*Institutional License] War 1991
Off to War: The Box Set [*Institutional License] War 2005
One Night Sit [*Institutional License] Disability 2004
One Year in a Life of Crime [* Institutional License] Crime 1989
Papa [* Institutional License] Human Interest 2002
Pro-TV Media Fellowship Class of 2006 (Compilation) [* Institutional License] Youth Media 2006
Pro-TV Media Fellowship Class of 2007 (Compilation) [* Institutional License] Youth Media 2007
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2006 (Compilation) [* Institutional License] Youth Media 2006
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2007 (Compilation) [* Institutional License] Youth Media 2007
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2008 (Compilation) [* Institutional License] Youth Media 2008
Pro-TV Summer Intensive 2009 (Compilation) [* Institutional License] Youth Media 2009
Rape: Cries from the Heartland [* Institutional License] Crime 1991
Siberian Adoption Story [*Institutional License] International 2005
Snakeheads [*Institutional License] Immigration 1994
Speak Up New York! [*Institutional License] Political Action 2002
State of Mind: Living in the Projects [*Institutional License] Youth Media 2002
Strictly Family: Changing the Definition [*Institutional License] Youth Media 2003
Taking the Hill [*Institutional License] Political Action 2006
The Last Cowboy [*Institutional License] Human Interest 2005
The Philippines: Life, Death & Revolution [*Institutional License] International 1986
The Russians Are Coming [*Institutional License] International 2007
The Story of Vinh [*Institutional License] Immigration 1991
Third Avenue: Only the Strong Survive [*Institutional License] Human Interest 1980
To Have and Have Not: The Changing Faces of China [*Institutional License] International 2002
Venezuela: Revolution in Progress [*Institutional License] International 2005
Vietnam: 1990 [*Institutional License] International 1990
Vietnam: Picking Up the Pieces [*Institutional License] International 1978
Vietnam: Talking to the People [*Institutional License] International 1985