Invisible Citizens: Japanese Americans

Invisible Citizens: Japanese Americans
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Invisible Citizens: Japanese Americans
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In the first days of World War II, 120,000 Japanese-Americans were taken from their homes and locked in concentration camps for the duration of the war. They lost their homes, their businesses, their friends, and their privileges.

For 40 years, the people who were sent away remained silent. "We wanted to show we were 200% American. We never complained, but the scars were deep." Invisible Citizens examines the lives of six Japanese-Americans and explores how they have been affected by the internment.

The first in-depth look at a group of people whose pride has kept their pain and suffering concealed from the general public, Invisible Citizens prompts viewers to consider America's "hidden histories" and how we, as a people, look at our past.

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Keiko Tsuno
Keiko Tsuno


Nomination: Monitor Award's Best Documentary