Junkie Junior

Junkie Junior
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Junior Rios started using heroin when he was 15.

Now 29 and the father of three children, Junior's habit costs $200 a day. When he isn't getting high, he is climbing over rooftops and through the burned-out buildings of the South Bronx, stealing what other thieves have overlooked to keep his habit going. His meager diet consists of coffee-soaked bread.

Ultimately, Junior's habit will cost him everything: his marriage breaks up, he loses his children, and eventually, his criminal lifestyle leads him to jail. Given a second chance by the judge, Junior briefly enters a drug-rehabilitation program. He is assigned to clean toilets, and runs away after two weeks.

Five years later, with the scarred and haggard face of an old man, Junior is found, still pumping drugs into his ravaged body. Aware of the frightening tragedy of his own story, in the final powerful scene, Junior sadly stares into the camera and warns the audience, "If anyone offers you drugs, please remember what happened to me."

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