One Night Sit

One Night Sit
One Night Sit
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One Night Sit explores the difficulties four disabled gay men face in finding partners in New York City. Anthony, who uses a wheelchair, finds the “accessible entrance” blocked by storage when he visits a legendary gay bar in the West Village. Vinny, who is legally blind, has a hard time keeping partners. All four men encounter prejudice and rejection in a culture where body image and looks count for more than companionship and tolerance.

Touching, and at times amusing, One Night Sit reveals that emotional and social barriers are as hard to surmount as physical barriers when you're gay and disabled.

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Ted Hinojosa
Patricia Belfanti
Director/ Producer/Camera/Editor
Carmelo Gonzalez
Director/ Producer/Camera/Editor
Diana Naftal
Executive Producer
Chris Arnold


Honorable Mention: Picture This Film Festival
3rd Place Black Maria Film and Video Festival