Papa [* Institutional License]

Papa [* Institutional License]
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Papa [* Institutional License]
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This is Jon Alpert's documentary portrait of his father's struggles with aging and failing health.

“My dad was a businessman, a jazz bandleader, a navy pilot - and a great dad. He taught us never to quit. For ten years, he has been suffering from a nerve disease. The pain is unbearable. There is no cure. Every day is a struggle between life and death. Now my father says he wants to kill himself. I made this film as a tribute to my father and to all those who struggle through ‘the golden years,’ because I love my father. He is my hero. I hope it will help any family that has to cope with an aging or disabled parent” — Jon Alpert.

It premiered on Cinemax on Father's Day, 2002.

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Jon Alpert
John Custodio


JVC Tokyo Video Festival
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