Pro-TV Media Fellowship Class of 2007 (Compilation)

Pro-TV Media Fellowship Class of 2007 (Compilation)
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Halfway There | Delcita Barnfield, Suprena Henderson, Ellijah Mussig | 10:33

A warehouse located deep in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn has just been turned into a halfway house for convicted felons. The home is across the street from a public middle school. Watch as community members voice their disapproval with the newest addition to their neighborhood.

This Ain’t No Fairy Tale | Sade Falebita | 8:46

This intimate portrait shows the struggles of a young woman coming to terms with her parents’ divorce, revealing her triumphs and tribulations in making her stepparents a new part of her life.

La Progresion | Juliana Gonzalez | 12:00

Juliana Gonzalez was born in Colombia and moved to the US when she was just eight years old. In America, her immigrant family finds themselves adjusting to an entirely new culture in order to succeed. This is their story.

Family First | Robert Gonzalez | 14:00

Travel behind the scenes of Robert Gonzalez’s life to see the support structure that keeps him going. Even though Gonzalez’s parents are divorced, they remain the primary guiding forces for his success in school and in life.

A True Kamillah Story | Kamillah Aklaff | 12:02

Aklaff examines her obsession with the musical “Rent,” taking a closer look at the parallel elements in her life that compell her to continually go to see this show.

Dependent | Richard Memminger | 13:31

“Dependent” is a reflection on the unexpected death of the filmmaker’s mother to cancer, the incarceration of his father, and how his family’s addiction to drugs has impacted him negatively. Memminger comes to realize the only person he can rely on is himself.

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