Rape: Cries from the Heartland

Rape: Cries from the Heartland
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Co-produced by DCTV and HBO for HBO's "America Undercover" Series.

Rape is the fastest-growing and most under-reported crime in America. Every five minutes a woman is raped.

Rape: Cries From the Heartland brutally portrays the physical and emotional trauma suffered by rape victims, who are often further victimized by the legal inability to bring their assailants to justice. Profiles of seven victims whose range in age from eight to seventy-two include visits to hospitals and police stations, interviews with rape crisis counselors and law enforcement officials, and the outcome of each victim's legal battle.

Filmed at the Rape Crisis Center in Memphis, Tennessee, the film presents a disturbing portrait of rape as it really is - an act of violence, not sex - and reveals many of the ways in which this is still one the least understood crimes.

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Maryann DeLeo
Executive Producer
Jon Alpert


Cine Golden Eagle


"One of the few...documentaries I've seen which examines these issues in-depth."
- Frederick Wiseman (director, "Domestic Violence") in Salon Magazine