Siberian Adoption Story

Siberian Adoption Story
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While China tops the list for the number of international adoptions by U.S. parents, Russia is a close second, with more than 4,200 children - mostly infants - adopted by Americans in 2001 alone. The process is lengthy and expensive. Adoption agencies tell prospective parents to expect to spend at least $25,000 for an international adoption, in addition to preparing hundreds of pages of notarized paperwork, undergoing in-house reviews and counseling, and typically making two trips to the birth country.

Siberian Adoption Story follows two American families as they go through the process of adopting a new baby from Russia.

Amy and Brett Turner of Fort Myers, Florida have two sons already, but they desperately want a daughter and have opted for adoption after enduring the heartbreak of multiple miscarriages. Salli Sobsey, a single parent in Montclair, Virginia yearned for years to have a daughter after raising her two sons.

Both families make two trips to Siberia to meet their prospective adoptive daughters, and each faces a challenging moment when a crucial decision must be made. From the excitement of anticipating a new baby to the worries and concerns of the unknown, the families experience laughter, tears, anger, and fear as they contemplate bringing home babies about whom they know very little.

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Jon Alpert
Matthew O'Neill
Michael Wei