Taking the Hill

Taking the Hill
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A Co-Production of DCTV and Discovery-Times Channel.

Can Mr. Smith still go to Washington? Follow five U.S. veterans in their quest to take back Capital Hill.

In November 2006, more than 50 veterans of the U.S. armed forces from around the country compete for seats in Congress. Not since WWII have so many veterans run for national office at the same time. The award-winning filmmaking team of Brent and Craig Renaud (Off To War, Dope Sick Love) follow five of these candidates, most with no prior political experience or aspirations, who chose political action as a means to further answer the call of service to their country. Taking the Hill is about a group of outsiders fighting political battles and motivated by a desire to serve their country — this time not by going to war, but by going to Washington, D.C.

United by their shared disagreement with the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war and their dismay with continued cuts to veterans' programs back home, candidates including Eric Massa, a retired Navy commander in rural New York; Rick Bolanos, a Purple Heart recipient in Vietnam; and Tammy Duckworth, an Army captain who lost both her legs when a grenade hit her helicopter in Iraq, fight their respective political battles. Self-described “underdogs" and "no-name, no-money" candidates, they nevertheless believe they have what it takes to win.

Also featured are many prominent personalities with whom the candidates come into contact during their Congressional campaigns, a list that includes President Bill Clinton, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and triple amputee and Vietnam veteran Sen. Max Cleland, who serves as a mentor to some.

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Brent Renaud
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"A look at one of the election's defining features: the attempt by military veterans to bring their experience and passion to Washington."
— The L.A. Times
"Very poignant, very moving."