Venezuela: Revolution in Progress

Venezuela: Revolution in Progress
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Originally aired on the Discovery-Times Channel.

Unique insight into the forces that almost unseated President Hugo Chavez in a recall election during the summer of 2004.

Truth becomes a relative term as the population of Venezuela grows increasingly polarized while grappling with President Hugo Chavez and his agenda. Chavez promises a revolution that will redistribute the country's oil wealth to the poor and uses the history of the United States' complicated relationship with Venezuela and South America to rally support to his side.

At once the story of democracy, Venezuelan-style, and a snapshot of the unraveling of U.S. foreign policy, Venezuela: Revolution in Progress gives unique insight into the forces that nearly unseated President Chavez in a recall election during the summer of 2004.

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Matthew O'Neill
Rafael De la Uz
Gabrielle Weiss
Dave Meneses
Supervising Editor
John Custodio
Executive Producer
Jon Alpert