DCTV Cinema Opening in 2022


DCTV’s Firehouse Cinema: A Center for Documentary Film, is a new nonprofit independent cinema where filmmakers and film lovers can come together in appreciation of, and with curiosity for, nonfiction film. Daily, audiences can expect an exciting slate of adventurous films, lively conversations, and a home to connect with others. Programming will feature premieres and first-run theatrical debuts, curated series, repertory selections, masterclasses, senior and family programs.

Extending DCTV’s educational programs and services, the Firehouse will feature programming by and for our youth producers, and serve as a state-of-the-art facility for filmmakers to color correct, sound mix, and finish their films. Film festivals and community organizers will also have a new go-to downtown destination.

We see DCTV’s Firehouse Cinema as an opportunity to help shift a disempowering, commercial culture. By highlighting work from groundbreaking artists, we will share unique realities from international and hyperlocal perspectives. And by championing a myriad of documentary styles, from journalistic tradition to boundary-pushing form, we will help to ensure nonfiction’s lasting power.

Our 74-seat theater is ADA accessible, Academy Award qualifying, boasting 4K projection, 7.1 surround sound, interactive features to connect audiences worldwide, with full concession and catering capabilities, and an adjoining event space.

DCTV’s Firehouse Cinema has received generous funding from state, city and local leaders, as well as foundations and individual donors. For a complete list of our supporters, visit: dctvny.org/about/supporters

If you would like to become a cinema supporter, please contact stephanie@dctvny.org.