DCTV Cinema Opening in 2020


The new DCTV Cinema, a year-round venue devoted to "all documentary/all the time,” will serve as a destination screen and assembly/symposia space where established and emerging media artists and audiences will interact on a continuous basis. They will participate not just in viewing the completed work (the film) but in the process of creation itself—an “atelier” for socially conscious moving-image media. After its opening, the DCTV Cinema will feature over 200 cultural and screen events in the first year at which audiences and artists will watch, shape, and act on new media. A large international virtual audience will also be invited to attend most DCTV Cinema events via interactive webcasts.

For the last several years, DCTV has been aggressively upgrading its facilities and production resources to match the demands of the broadcast and distribution marketplace. At the same time, DCTV has built out an exceptional in-house skill bank of technological “know-how” and industry access available to independent media artists at low cost.

By adding the DCTV Cinema, a state-of-the-art 73-seat digital public theatre, DCTV will be the first-stop destination for domestic and international artists and audiences engaged in the production of and appreciation of nonfiction programming.

In keeping with DCTV’s mission to democratize access to digital film technology, the DCTV Cinema will create an affordable, high-end screening venue where independent filmmakers can exhibit their work to the public in 3D and 4K - the highest resolution available. By focusing exclusively on documentaries, the DCTV Cinema will dramatically expand the total number of showings of nonfiction films in New York City. The cinema equipment and space will be fully DCI compliant and fulfill all rules to be eligible for official Academy Award qualifying runs. The DCTV Cinema will “open the door” for independent documentary filmmakers to qualify their films for an Academy Award nomination, giving them the best chance to bring their work to the widest possible audience.

Cinema Advisory Council:

  • Brooke Adams
  • Daniel Chaffen
  • Abigail Disney
  • Liz Garbus
  • Alex Gibney
  • Ellen Goosenberg
  • Barbara Kopple
  • Cáitrín McKiernan
  • Michael Moore
  • Sheila Nevins
  • Matthew O'Neill
  • Alexandra Pelosi
  • Hart Perry
  • Sam Pollard
  • Alan and Susan Raymond
  • Morgan Spurlock

DCTV Cinema Supporters include:

  • Lower Manhattan Development Corporation—funded through Community Development Block Grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Office of the Mayor of New York City
  • Office of the Speaker of the New York City Council
  • The New York City Council
  • Office of the Manhattan Borough President
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
  • The Samuel Rubin Foundation
  • New York State Assembly Member Deborah Glick
  • The New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State legislature
  • Hyde & Watson Foundation

Create a lasting legacy at DCTV:

Put a name plaque in our stunning new state-of-the-art fully interactive digital Cinema. Plaques for the DCTV Cinema chairs or the Donor Wall in the Cinema Lobby may be named in your honor or in the honor of a loved one, a colleague, or an organization. Additional naming opportunities are also available. DCTV would be pleased to work with you to design a personalized and effective DCTV Cinema sponsorship package to meet your goals!

For more information contact: Catherine Martinez, DCTV Managing Director, at (646) 484-4645 or cmartinez@dctvny.org.