The Green Book: Guide to Freedom

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:00pm
DCTV, 87 Lafayette St, NYC

Doors 11:30am | Screening 12pm

This event screens as a Senior Matinee, dedicated to those 62+ (but open to all!). Hosted at noon on the third Thursday of every month during a DCTV Presents season. Free popcorn included! Doors 11:30am. Screening 12pm. Latecomers welcome.

The Film

Directed by Yoruba Richen / 2019 / 60 min

On the heels of the Oscar winning and controversial film Green Book, this documentary takes a deeper look into the real story of The Negro Motorist Green Book during the Jim Crow era and beyond. The Green Book: Guide to Freedom tells the story of Victor H. Green’s eponymously named travel guide that allowed African Americans to safely tour the country during a time of severe institutionalized racism. The film features a wide array of experts delving into the history of The Green Book – historians, business owners and individuals who experienced first-hand the phenomenon of “traveling while black” in pre-civil rights America. Written and directed by acclaimed documentarian Yoruba Richen, the filmmaker behind The New Black, The Green Book: Guide to Freedom looks at the daily realities that African Americans faced on the road – the struggles, indignities and dangers, but also the opportunities and triumphs that were won along the way.


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This event is part of the Fall 2019 season of DCTV Presents, DCTV’s signature screening and event series that champions groundbreaking nonfiction film.

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