Long Legs, Short Films

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 7:00pm
DCTV, 87 Lafayette St, NYC

Doors 6:30. No admittance after 7:30

DCTV and DFA come together to present an evening of moving moving image – a screening of short films that meet at the resplendent intersection of film and dance. Via new experimental, stop motion animation and documentary works, we invite you to watch dance through a different lens, witnessing its transformation when moved from stage to screen. Many of the filmmakers will be in attendance and join us for a post-screening Q&A.

The Films

AMORPHIC (Einy Åm-Sparks | USA/Norway, 2014, 3:25)
AMORPHIC is a reflection on our growing dependency on digital devices, individually and as a society, and the mental pull it may have on us.

Atoms Instinct (Samuel Baumel | USA, 2013, 4:30)
We all have the same inclinations, to be fruitful and multiply. This is true of ourselves and our cells, of the insects and our instincts.

Between Partners (Chris Casey | USA, 2013, 2:32)
The story of a relationship explored through dance on film.

I Go To Sleep (Alexis Powell | USA, 2014)
I Go To Sleep is an embodied exploration of the experience of communicating in the unconscious realm. Featuring Prentiss Benjamin, Julian Goldhagen, Anthony Ritosa, Susannah Simpson, and Matt Stapleton.

Laurel III (Laura Bartczak | USA, 2014, 1:36)
A super 8mm film featuring Laurel Atwell, exploring personal narrative through non-linear somatic experience. Thanks to Laurel and Mark Demolar for their contribution to the series.

Nutcracker (Gina Carli | USA, 2013, 2:28)
The entire Nutcracker ballet in less than 3 minutes. Happy holidays!!

SAMBA #2 (Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner | USA, 2014, 3:00) Filmed with the high speed Phantom camera, SAMBA #2 offers an intimate look at the intricate Samba moves performed by Nao Yamada.

Secret Room (Lily Baldwin | USA, 2011, 4:27)
Dreams are real in small spaces.

Si Nos Dejan (Celia Rowlson-Hall | USA, 2013, 9:51)
A love story flooded with good intentions and missed connections.

Swan Lake (Gina Carli | USA, 2012, 1:42)
This dance film stars two super heroes. They have a history together and were once in love. The female is a spy undercover as a ballerina.

That B.E.A.T. (Abteen Bagheri | USA, 2014, 9:19)
A portrait of the New Orleans "bounce" scene, this racy short documentary is, amazingly, branded content for Nokia.

Two Seconds After Laughter (David Roussève | USA/Indonesia, 2012, 16:09) Following an Indonesian American dancer’s return to Java, Two Seconds creates a dialogue on a universal irony: The heart longs most for the place called home to which it can never return.

Two Spirits (Molly Surno | USA, 2012, 4:42)
Two Spirits investigates the mythology of the West by entering and exiting a surreal and representational world guided by the director of the Miss Transgender Native American Beauty Pageant, a trans Navajo woman, who becomes conduit between two realities.

Untitled America Project (Sarah Dahnke | USA, 2014, 3:39)
A quirky satire on hyper-American culture.


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$10 / General
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