Long Legs Short Films

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 7:00pm
DCTV, 87 Lafayette St, NYC

Doors 6:30 | No admittance after 7:30

co-presented with Dance Films Association

On the heels of three wildly successful Long Legs Short Films programs, DFA and DCTV come together again to co-present a fourth annual evening of moving moving image that challenges what dance film is. Via new short films of various genres that celebrate undercurrents in movement beyond the performative and conventional, we invite you to watch dance through a different lens.

The Films

Ballroom Boys
(Michael Stylianou | UK, 2016, 13:00)
Tensions arise as Lemington and Nejc train for the European Ballroom Championships in Blackpoll. Will their relationship survive?

A Body on Wall Street
(Eiko Otake | USA, 2016, 7:29)
Eiko danced in front of the Stock Exchange intending to be a nuisance.

Dance Square
(Harry Bartle | USA, 2016, 3:37)
An abandoned warehouse becomes the stage for a lone dancer.

Dangerous Curves
(Merete Mueller | USA, 2016, 12:00)
Plus-sized pole dancer Roslyn Mays uncovers vulnerability and strength through public exposure.

Girls and Boys
(Tomasz Gubernat | USA, 2015, 13:26)
Girls and Boys is an intimate portrait of a dance instructor and her seemingly disinterested students.

Gospel Mime
(Whitney Mallett | USA, 2015, 6:00)
A portrait of a religious subculture where practitioners worship Jesus Christ through the art of mime.

The Honeys and Bears
(Veena Rao | USA, 2016, 3:32)
Members of the Harlem Honeys and Bears, a synchronized swim team for seniors, describe the freedom of the water.

I Am Raja
(Avatara Ayuso | Morocco, 2017, 13:10)
Raja, a young Berber girl from the Sahara desert, copes mentally and physically with the everyday chore of collecting well water.

I Only Have Eyes For You
(Corinne Spencer | USA, 2014, 3:22)
A woman moves, gazes out, and mouths to you from the black void. Her body glitters, her arms are white satin. Doo wop plays–your body's love song.

Invisible Body
(Fred Hatt in collaboration with Hsuan-Hsiu Hung | USA, 2017, 6:14)
Can we look beyond the surface of physicality and see the dynamic patterns of energy lying underneath?

Kitchen Dance
(Laura Bartczak | USA, 2016, 3:01)
A super 8mm film with choreography and performance by Paige Fredlund Hunter, direction and cinematography by Laura Bartczak. Shot in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.


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