Sat, 06/08/2019 - 12:00pm
DCTV, 87 Lafayette St, NYC

Doors 11:30am | Screening 12pm

This event screens as a Second Saturday Matinee for Families, dedicated to parents and their wee ones to enjoy documentary film together. Who says kids can’t like docs?! Hosted on the second Saturday of every month during a DCTV Presents season.

The Film

Directed by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou / 1996 / 80 min

In New York City, insects are more pesky nuisance than earthly marvel. But take a few steps back and you'll be witness to a veritable kingdom thriving against all odds below the daily thrum of human life. With the aid of microscopic cameras, the fantastic 1996 documentary Microcosmos provides a peek into the lush landscapes of insects dutifully going about their business. Think of it as a proto-A Bug's Life (or Antz, depending on who you ask).

Who needs Werner Herzog to narrate when you have the one and only Kristin Scott Thomas to, plus the kind of inspired score and innovative film techniques that makes this classic 90s doc so beloved? In Microcosmos, the moving image of a beetle pushing a ball of dung takes on the mythic quality of Sisyphus with his boulder; endless caterpillar caravans have the cadence of FDR Drive during rush hour. Dramatic and action-packed, this whimsical doc encourages you to take a breath and look at the world beneath your feet. Who knows, you and your child might just be inspired to break out the terrarium... or not.

Microcosmos is rated G. Visit Common Sense Media for more information and reviews from families and teachers.

Special Guest

Following the screening, we'll be joined by Christine Johnson from the American Museum of Natural History and the NY Entomological Society who will lead a hands-on discussion/activity on all the exciting crawling bits of the insect world.


Tickets are only $5 general admission and free for children 12 and under – adults may attend with up to 3 children. Free popcorn included! Doors 11:30am | Screening 12pm.

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This event is part of the Spring 2019 season of DCTV Presents, DCTV’s signature screening and event series that champions groundbreaking nonfiction film.

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