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212.966.4510 x632

Office Hours

Mon-Fri | 11am-7pm

Transaction Period

Mon-Fri | 3pm-7pm

2019 Closings

Winter Holidays (12/22/18 - 1/1/19)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Mon 1/21)
Presidents' Day (Mon 2/18)
Memorial Day (Mon 5/27)
Independence Day (Thu 7/4)
Labor Day (Mon 9/2)
Indigenous Peoples' Day (Mon 10/14)
Veterans Day (Mon 11/11)
Thanksgiving (Thu 11/28 - Fri 11/29)
Winter Holidays (12/24/18 - 1/1/19)

In Case of Inclement Weather

DCTV tends to follow NYC Public School closures, but please check DCTV's Twitter or email for our latest updates.

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Become a DCTV Member

DCTV Equipment Rentals is one of the only rental houses in New York City that does not require production insurance! In return however, we require that you are a DCTV Member and meet all requirements listed below. Membership is only $25/year, and can be applied for at the same time you make your reservation. Details here.

Make a Reservation

Reserve Online
Browse our online inventory to make a reservation. Search for your equipment online, add it to your cart, and make a request. Rentals will be in touch with you to create an invoice and finalize your gear pickup and return.


Reserve via Phone or Email
Call 212.966.4510 x 632 or email with a valid credit card number in your name to inquire about equipment availability.

If you, the DCTV Member who is renting equipment, will not be present at the time of check-out, you can assign a pick-up proxy when placing your reservation with us by signing and emailing a CC Authorization Form. Your reservation will not be complete until we receive these materials, at which point you will be sent an e-mail confirmation for your reservation.

Please note that only the primary account holder, and not your proxies, are allowed to make reservations, cancellations, extensions, etc. In other words, you are the only one authorized to be in contact with DCTV Equipment Rentals.

A $50 cancellation fee will apply to any reservation cancelled within the same transaction period as the scheduled check-out time. Walk-in rentals are based on availability.

Pickup Equipment

You are required to provide the following at the time of or prior to Pickup:

    1) Primary Government Issue Photo ID

    Accepted: Drivers License, State ID, Military ID, Passport

    3) Credit/Debit Card

    Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
    All credit/debit cards must be in the name of the DCTV Member who is renting equipment, and no one else is authorized to use or sign for the credit/debit card.

    4) Authorization Hold

    This amount will be held on your credit/debit card for the duration of the rental.
    • 50% of the full replacement cost for equipment valued below $10,000
    • 100% of the full replacement cost for equipment valued above $10,000

Please allot 15-20 minutes for pickup time. This is for you to check over everything, ask questions, and feel comfortable with your gear.

*You will not need to place an authorization hold if you processed your reservation online*

Return Equipment

Please allot time for us to review all returned equipment to ensure it is in the same condition that it was in when rented to you.

Once the equipment has been reviewed, the actual rental cost will be charged to your credit/debit card, and the remaining funds from the authorization hold will be released from your card.

In the case that equipment is deemed lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the cost of its replacement or repair.

Anyone is entitled to return equipment in your stead.

Transaction Period

Mon – Fri

3pm – 7pm

This is the only time that pickups and returns can occur. Any transaction that takes place outside of this designated period will incur additional fees, and DCTV reserves the right to refuse any transaction outside of this designated period for any reason. Equipment returned earlier than your scheduled transaction period will still incur their full charges, and equipment returned late will incur additional fees.



Rent for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours… you get the idea. And you get bang for your buck.


Pick up after 3pm on Friday, return by 7pm on Monday. Pay for 1 Day. Simple. Awesome.


Want to rent for a week, but only pay for 3 days? You got it!

Check out our inventory pages for price breakdowns:
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