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PRO-TV, DCTV's free, professional media arts training program, offers NYC youth opportunities to create films and attain skills in digital video production and post-production, leadership, team work, project management, research, and public speaking.

$1 given = $2 received

Thanks to DCTV's Board Member, Pierre Bastid, RIGHT NOW every dollar donated to DCTV will be matched, dollar for dollar up to $100,000! Please give today...and thank you for your support.

DCTV is a registered 501(c)(3) New York State charity. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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Why Donate to PRO-TV?
“I learned how to be a better communicator.”
“I learned that I enjoy working in groups and collaborating with other people.”
“I learned that I want to be a film director.”
“I learned that I’m an artist.”

DCTV believes that in order for teenagers to achieve academic and professional success, they must be invited and encouraged to think critically about the world around them and to envision positive change for themselves and their neighborhoods. These skills are inherent in non-fiction filmmaking and in the creative and collaborative process.

Many transferrable skills go into the art of filmmaking including: researching a subject; interviewing; generating, communicating, analyzing, organizing, and executing ideas; building a team and collaborating with peers; learning to take direction; creative problem-solving; learning to take calculated risks; and public speaking.

Our students come to DCTV with a desire to learn about filmmaking and to be a part of a creative community. They come away with skills that help them do better in school, conduct themselves well in a job interview, write stronger cover letters and college essays, communicate their opinions easily in discussion, and contribute positively to their classroom and work environments – all while making professional-quality short films and PSAs that can be used to help get them into college, further their careers, and raise awareness of important subject matters.

As you can see, your support has a lasting impact. Please consider making a donation to DCTV so we can continue serving and cultivating the next generation of NYC artists, professionals, activists, and change-makers.

$50 = $100 Help support young women’s voices in film by contributing to materials and teaching artist fees for our Young Women of Cinema program, which offers young women filmmakers advanced video production training and professional guidance.

$250 = $500 Send a student through a semester of TV High, our after-school, media arts training program in NYC public schools.

$700 = $1,400 Cover the cost for a young man to participate in our 10-month Young Men of Color Program. Participants examine how men of color are portrayed in media and create projects exploring race and identity.

$1,500 = $3,000 Help a NYC teenager become a filmmaker by covering tuition for one year of our Media Fellows program, DCTV’s flagship, free, long-term media arts intensive training program for high school students.