Mitch Blummer

Mitch Blummer
Workshop Instructor

Mitch Blummer is a filmmaker and cinematographer with 10 years of experience in New York City. When skateboarding put a camera in Mitch's hand as young teenager it wasn't long before he was producing narrative and documentary short films, leading him to complete his undergraduate BFA at SVA in Film/Video Directing and Cinematography. Since then Mitch has shot and created content for cable television from Animal Planet, Discovery ID and Travel Channel; International film festivals like Tribeca Film Festival, Oregon Independent Film Festival, Williamsburg International Film festival and New Filmmakers New York; as well as widely on the web from a variety of VOD services to Vimeo.

Cinematographer's Statement:

I shoot all types of content. My narrative cinematography is informed by my experience in documentary film and television and well rounded abilities to create any type of video content where there is a story. Collaboration is my passion and I possess the leadership skills to direct the technical and/or creative sides of a production from conception to conclusion. While my team of production designers, camera and lighting technicians, sound recordists and producers can tackle any project, my roots are also in a one man band shooter/producer role, perhaps recording sound as an independent producing unit.