Ramzy Telley

Workshop Instructor

Ramzy's film work has been broadcast internationally and screened at notable museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China and the Unesco Art Gallery, Paris, France.

In 2000 Ramzy was cinematographer & co-producer of Academy Award nominated film “The Wildest Show in the South: The Angola Prison Rodeo” and his film "Death In Vegas" was awarded the Grand Remi "Best of Show" at the 2007 Houston International Film Festival. In addition to film work, Ramzy also produces performance art for the Houston based art troupe Rubber: An Art Mob such as indoor bloodless bullfighting and creates multi-channel video installations as well as sculpture and digital printmaking.

Ramzy Telley graduated from the CalArts experimental film program in 1984 and is currently teaching film at Pratt Institute in NYC.