Saied Abbasi

Saied Abbasi
Workshop Instructor

Saied Abbasi is a front end developer based in NYC. His early projects were hard coded HTML/CSS websites. In 2013 he began specializing in CMS platforms. He is the owner of WpHelp.Co, a company offering intelligently executed WordPress websites.

Saied has made websites for artists, professionals, small/medium businesses, eCommerce stores, online job boards, social networks, and microsites for major firms.

Tutoring has been an intimate part of his business since the beginning. It is something he enjoys and values as a humanizing and fun realm within web development. People meet with him online or in person to learn more about coding and owning a website.

Most recently Saied has set his eyes on further education in the programming languages Ruby and JavaScript while his business is evolving into a maintenance service for bloggers and businesses.