Sam Tarakajian

Sam Tarakajian
Workshop Instructor

Sam is a Brooklyn based developer and musician. After working briefly at Apple, he joined Cycling '74 to work on Max/MSP, the visual programming language for audiovisual composition. While there, he built Mira, an iPad app for tactile control of a synchronized Max patch. Since then, Sam has built Rhythm Necklace, an iPhone app that experiments with circular representations of musical rhythms. Rhythm Necklace has been featured in WIRED, Creator's Project, Creative Applications and Synthtopia.

Sam likes to teach programming and composition, a lot. He has taught Max at the Monthly Music Hackathon in New York City, at California College for the Arts, at IRCAM in Paris, and at workshops in San Francisco, Tokyo, Jerusalem, the Hague and London.

This course will investigate the intersection of live video processing with traditional film storytelling techniques. We'll learn how to sample and mix video in real time, how video is represented digitally and how to deconstruct it, how to control video using MIDI, how to route video between applications using Syphon, as well as how computer vision can be used for creative purposes. No familiarity with Max or programming is required, but you should be willing and eager to peek into the gory details of digital video.